Mai 10 : The last of the frost?

Work in progress - Vineyards

Despite the generally mild climate of Provence, every year we live in great fear of the spring frosts...It only needs to be a short frost! No more than a few minutes below zero, that is enough to destroy the small buds of tender leaves gorged with water.Although the vine itself is able to survive the extreme cold of winter (-20C in the middle of winter will not harm a strong vine) but -2° or 3°C on fragile little buds can cause untold damage. After being caught by a spring frost the young buds dry out and fall off. The vine of course will produce fresh buds but these "replacement" buds will not be as productive.The later the frost, the greater the loss.The last two exceptional frosts in Provence took place on a 17th April and a 21st April - but the wine growers keep their fingers crossed until the beginning of May.This is the critical period when the temperature can drop to near zero and in some localities more than others...

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