July 2nd , 2014 : Hail - Limiting hail damage on grapevine

Work in progress - At the moment

Several hailfalls have affected our parcels, these days.The intensity of the damage is more or less important, and the impact will vary depending on how damaged the berries are.The total amount of damage often ranges between 5 to 10% (depending on the parcels) and unfortunately up to 70% for some. In most situations, the quantitative damage is not very important, but the impact on quality may well be.On a single grape, we can notice that up to 30 % of the berries were hit. On the same bunch, some berries are only damaged (green arrow) or completely destroyed (brown arrow).Now, even if the result is random, it can be justified to apply a very light treatment in order to not increase the stress on the vines. For example, we can put :Bordeaux Mixture (1/4 dose) + Nettle infusion (5l/ha) + Horsetail infusion (5l/ha)Some berries (brown arrow) will dry and fall for most of them. Their impact on the quality of the harvest will be very low. Some berries will continue to grow during the cell multiplication stage, then they will burst at veraison (cell growth) and then they might start Rotbeds of Botrytis, sour rot...There are more risks on loaded vines.In order to limit the consequences, we should use preventive means to favor a dry microclimate at grapes height.The most simple technics are often the best, like :-takinf off the leaves in front of the grapes,-thinning the harvest (cutting off th damaged grapes).

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