May 3rd 2013: At the heart of the presentation of the 2012 Bordeaux Grands Crus: the powerful comeback of wood and concrete

Work in progress - At the moment

In early spring 2013, we had the opportunity to sample the quality of the 2012 Bordeaux Grands Crus. During a whole week, the most prestigious wines were put to the exacting test of the "en primeur" tasting, barely a few months after having been put into the barrels.All this was organized within often spectacular technical facilities.Although modernism and aesthetics seem to be key priorities in these wineries, a general technical trend is also noticeable: after years of stainless steel supremacy due to its undoubted qualities regarding hygiene, easy maintenance and use, some more traditional materials are now making a powerful comeback : wood ... and concrete.A great number of the most recent buildings tend to revive concrete. Some prestigious wineries seek to return to the undisputed properties of concrete in the matter of thermal inertia and oxidation-reduction which allow the wine to live and mature in the best conditions.At present concrete tanks also include embedded systems of temperature control. Their inside epoxy coating becomes optional as the expertise of manufacture has greatly improved and produces perfectly smooth and aggression-resistant surfaces.In a winery, the available area can be optimized (the corners can be used), the top of the tanks offer large and functional work-surfaces... and the different shapes allow the more creative minds to combine design and presentation with a lot of freedom (but without any space-saving).This is yet one more fascinating aspect of our task: our permanent quest for quality which is enforced here through the return to traditional methods treated as the latest trends in modernity.

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