March 15th 2013: Planting the vines ... according to the moon!

Work in progress - At the moment

In March, we are busy planting!According to the elders, some days are better than others for planting: the influence of the moon could favour the success of the process.Biodynamic agriculture includes a lot of recommendations based on such principles.More than the simple illumination of the moon by the sun's rays, which defines the phases of the moon (first and last quarters, full and new moon), the major factor is the position of the moon on its orbit: it can be waxing (and getting further and further from the earth each day) or waning (getting nearer each day).Generations of farmers used to choose to plant on a waxing moon, nonetheless being careful to avoid the dates of the lunar perigee (the closest point to the earth) and the lunar apogee (the furthest point from the earth), both very unfavorable to any farming practices.Moreover, we can also consider the relative position of the moon in relation to the constellations: when the moon is between the earth and either Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus constellations (the earth signs), we speak of "root days", considered to be the optimal time for planting.In 2012, the lunar plantation period began on March 19th and lasted some 10 days...So, should we wish to have the best chance of success, let's be ready to plant in a few days... but above all, we have to keep in mind that, whatever the supposed astral influence, if the soil is not properly farmed, any plantation will be doomed to failure.

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