April 19th 2013: How to know the exact acreage of one's vineyard...

Work in progress - At the moment

The knowledge of the exact acreage planted with vines is a crucial element in vineyard management.However, these areas are often unknown to the winegrowers as there are different ways of calculating them, moreover they often differ from those registered on the CVI (computerised vineyard register) in the case of the old plots.For several years now we have been able to measure these acreages with precision thanks to new techniques, particularly aerial photos. Since last winter, we have used a GPS ; it gives more accurate figures as it not only allows the precise mapping of existing plots but also helps to forecast future plantations.These measures allow our customers to acquire a deep knowledge of their vineyard. They can thus master more precise fertilization or phytosanitary treatments or even calculate the production cost per vine plant!For further information, do not hesitate to refer to the relevant article in the technical forum.

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