March 29th 2013: A good deal of patience and a long time

Work in progress - At the moment

Last week was quite magical for us...On Thursday we planted a good-sized field with truffle oaks (green oaks more drought-resistant than the others for spring planting) which might bear fruit in 5 years' time!It is always difficult to anticipate over several years, and thus it is rather thrilling to work for the future...Building something without being sure to reap the benefits or even to see the result denotes a generous spirit.This is a comment often made by new owners at the time of a first planting... as a matter of fact, it is true for every type of culture!How long it seems we have to wait to see the fruits of our laborious efforts!We are really far from the returns on investment after a few months in the property business or of a matter of days in some financial markets!We have to wait for 3 years for the first grapes, 4 for the olive-trees (which in addition to a long waiting period will present a wider irregularity in production!) and 5 to 7 years to the truffle oaks!But what a delight in the cellar when the juice from first fermented grape runs or when the dog on the truffle ground becomes excited, straining towards such or such a tree!This tremendous joy is worth this waiting period...

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