Oct. 10: What a great vintage!

Work in progress - Wines

Every year is a surprise.A fear and at the same time a surprise.All along the year the winegrower tries to discern what the vintage to come holds in store for him. We want to predict the quality in relation to the beginning of flowering, then the flowering process, and also in relation to rainfall, hours of sunshine, and the number of days with a beneficial wind helping to reduce the number of times the vine is treated.But in the end we are all witnesses to the vintage of the year and to its expressivity.It only takes a few rainy days to destroy a whole year which up until then would have followed a perfect pattern or on the other hand to bring about a welcome balance to a year that has been too dry...The 2010 wine harvest came very late, and in our case the last grapes were brought into Correns on 28 October!It is always an extremely risky gamble to wait for prime maturity which might never happen, but it was a successful gamble!Of course the must has not completed its fermentation, but the promise of the grapes we have gathered is absolutely superb!So there you can see us every day leaning over vats bubbling with life and fermenting happily...We breathe in each vat, we taste them and we dare to put forward a few surmises as to their personality: much as one would do in admiration of a child's first steps...A date has been set in a few weeks' time for a first overall tasting and an appreciation of the vintage before Christmas.

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